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Developing intelligent risk solutions for tomorrow.

Trauma equipment

Sapient is currently produces, markets and distributes trauma equipment for pre-hospital field applications, including our rapidRatchet Tourniquet, which uses a simple ratcheting design to tighten around the limb and occlude blood flow.

The rapidRatchet Tourniquet also operates as a platform for advanced vital sensors to monitor heart rate, blood pressure and oxidation. Sensors are modular and can be added and removed on demand by simply sliding them onto the strap.

Advanced field sensors

Sapient is developing cutting-edge sensors to monitor key health metrics in trauma settings. Our sensors, including heart rate, blood pressure and oxidation monitors onto our trauma equipment to provide emergency medical services the best data available.

Virtual reality training platforms

Increasingly challenging battlefield environments require nimble and scalable training solutions to respond to adapting needs. Sapient is developing virtual reality trauma training platforms that can be used for combat training or to deliver life-saving trauma care on the battlefield.

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